No project too big – and no order too small.

Developed competences and expertise

The task area of the C-Technik has grown continuously since the company was founded by Helmut Cremers and Holger Krebs in 1996. The production of individual parts for the steel industry as well as the mechanical engineering after customer drawings formed the basis, but over the years the range of services became more and more extensive and above all more complex. Individual assemblies were not only manufactured, but delivered including installation and commissioning.

Since 2004, C-TECHNIK has installed its own design department and since then has offered integrated solutions of machines and assemblies, from engineering to commissioning.

Since October 2014, the day of the company relocation away from the rather tranquil Niederkrüchten to the flagship location in the commercial area Münchheide in Willich, all departments such as sales, engineering, purchasing and administration are united under one roof. All the service areas have benefited from the significantly improved premises and the increased opportunities for cooperation.

In March 2022, just as the company was celebrating its 25th anniversary, the next turning point followed: After a long, carefully planned transition process, company founder Helmut Cremers retired. While some of his tasks within C-Technik are distributed on several shoulders, Mirko Krebs takes over the part in the management. This means that Holger Krebs and his son Mirko will henceforth jointly steer the company's fortunes.

They are decisively supported by the team of authorized signatories, which now has "new blood". In addition to Umut Gökbas and Stefan Devic, Benjamin Lenz and Michael Bronckhorst are now taking on even more responsibility.